Tufdek – Product Information

Tufdek ™ Waterproof Vinyl Decking products are long lasting and durable, adding beauty and value to your home, sun terrace or waterproofing your floor. Thanks to our development department and our engineers in the field of waterproofing, this unique product is about longevity and leaves nothing to chance and thanks to its lifetime is the best exterior vinyl flooring in the world for your terrace and balconies including sidewalks and poolside areas.

Compare Tufdek waterproof insulation products with any other exterior vinyl flooring options (including liquid coatings) and you’ll find that Tufdek is your cheapest waterproof flooring option per year. The long life of Tufdek vinyl is due to: The quality of our waterproof cladding material with a 25-year-old proven PVC product. Development of a completely integrated waterproofing flooring system and Integrity of our Tufdek dealers.

Durability of Tufdek waterproof products

We understand that in real life vinyl roof floors or vinyl pool floors are used but can also be abused. These things happen in real life, which is why our Tufdek ™ waterproof material is made to be stronger than any other vinyl flooring in the industry. It was no coincidence that we chose the name Tufdek ™. It is the inner structure of our weft reinforcement and the quality of our PVC recipe, which makes Tufdek vinyl flooring a so-called Tuff and no other waterproof tile product comes close. We know you want Tufdek to be an outdoor floor covering that can be used for everyday use. We also know that our Tufdek vinyl flooring products will not disappoint you.

Abrasions or abrasions of the printed top surface on the vinyl surface can occur if the product is intentionally or unintentionally treated, misused or misused, choosing the right design minimizes potential problems. If you are using vinyl flooring in a large area or have a floor where scuffing or scuffing from furniture is a problem, we recommend that you choose designs with less ink or contrast to minimize appearance problems.